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Charlotte Whicher

711 days ago
Fiona N Notes for the day #CMDNAHack
Tweet with hashtag: 
Nadia #CMDNAHack please use when twitting!
Fiona N And find us on Twitter: @DNAdigest @theContentMine @linguamatics 
•Intro from DNAdigest :ok: 
•Intro from ContentMine :ok: 
•Installation of tools :ok:
And off you go! :checkered_flag: 
Command line to reset keyboard mappings in VM
  • setxkbmap gb
Fiona N download papers using getpapers (different year for each table): 
  • getpapers --query '"human genomic" AND PUB_YEAR:[2010 TO 2010]' -o genome2010 -x
Peter M then normalize:
  • norma -q genome2010 -i fulltext.xml -o scholarly.html --transform nlm2html
Fiona N Challenge: Can we build a word cloud? 
Peter M Run word frequencies
  • ami2-word -q genome2010 -i scholarly.html --w.words wordFrequencies --w.stopwords /org/xmlcml/ami2/plugins/word/stopwords.txt
A regular expression for EGA can be found http://www.ebi.ac.uk/miriam/main/collections/MIR:00000512
Antony Q ENA (European Nucleotide Archive): ^[A-Z]+[0-9]+$
Fiona N Here is the regular expression for ArrayExpress: ^[AEP]-\w{4}-\d+$
A regular expression to find DOIs: 
Jana G A regular expression to ENCODE data: 
Other repositories to look for the data identifiers
Need regex accession for: 
dbGap  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/gap : see http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK110024/ e.g. study accession id: "phs000879.v1.p1" 
Jee-Hyub K Remove ^ ... $ in regular expressions.
If you remove ^ and $ from the regular expression, you will get some matches (it worked with arrayexpress and refseq).
Peter M Run ami-regex [1]
(assuming the directory is called "genome2010")
we create  a file genome2010/regex.xml containing
<compoundRegex title="genome">
<regex weight="1.0" fields="genome">([Gg]enome)</regex>
<regex weight="1.0" fields="data">([Dd]ata)</regex>
then run
ami2-regex -q genome2010 --r.regex genome2010/regex.xml
Typical output
<results title="genome"><result pre="e of 10 primary tumors and 10 effusions was analyzed using the Array-Ready Oligo set for the Human " name0="genome" value0="Genome" post="platform. Results for selected genes were validated using PCR, Western blotting, and immunohistoche" xpath="/html[1]/body[1]/div[1]/div[2]/p[1]"/>
<result pre="otting, and immunohistochemistry confirmed the array findings for BCAR1, CLDN4, VIL2, and DCN. Our " name0="data" value0="data" post="show that breast carcinoma cells in primary carcinomas and effusions have different gene expression" xpath="/html[1]/body[1]/div[1]/div[2]/p[1]"/>
<result pre="l, and their clinical relevance was analyzed in a larger series of breast carcinoma effusions. Our " name0="data" value0="data" post="demonstrate that in agreement with our previous observations, breast carcinoma cells in effusions a" xpath="/html[1]/body[1]/div[1]/div[3]/p[3]"/>
now create your own file ids.xml like:
<compoundRegex title="ids">
<regex weight="1.0" fields="egad">(EGAD\d{11})</regex>
Fiona N •Challenge 1 : Can we find data accession numbers? 
Jee-Hyub K
  • Europe PubMed Central provides web services for mined accession numbers.
  • Accession number search
Fiona N •Challenge 2 : Can we find data DOIs? 
•Challenge X : …?
•Interrupted by coffee breaks and lunch J
Open Access scientific journals in biology that can be readily mined: 
  • PLoS
  • Biomed Central
  • eLife

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