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Hack Day August 2, 2014
1203 days ago
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1207 days ago
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9:30 Arrivals
  • name badges - grab a sticker and write your name 
  • And drink some coffee & tea! 
1218 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Fiona Nielsen 1218 days ago
Desired outcome: 
  • Introduce our new Web Developers Francis and Sebastian to the DNAdigest community
  • Brainstorm functionality of the Data Discovery Platform:
  • How to best build in incentives? 
  • How to best capture feedback from users on datasets? 
  • How to capture user annotation e.g. labelling of datasets? using fixed ontologies? 
  • Prototype, where possible, the look and feel of new functionality
  • paper prototyping
  • User interface prototyping in HTML

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